New Diet Begins!

Alright guys, tomorrow is the big day! Gonna start the diet and its gonna be awesome! So why am I doing this diet? Well I’ve packed on some winter weight and have not been to the gym lately. Although I have not gained significant amounts of weight, my muscle mass sure has decreased. So for this diet my goal is to chisel out the six pack I have never had through good eating, rather than my old diet formula of not eating anything at all. The second reason for the diet is that I want to compete in the 2012 Tiger Balm Internationals which is martial arts tournament in March. I may not beat anyone, but at least my weight will be on point *hopefully*

Anyways, back to the diet, I will be *attempting* the slow carb diet outlined in the 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferris. Basically
- NO white carbs: so your breads, rice, and noodles are out. Which really sucks cause thats a big part of my diet.
- NO cheeses, milk, dairy stuff as well as fruits
- NO pop, juices, and  sugary drinks. So water, black coffee, and tea are fine
- Just eat the same meals everyday
- Have a cheat day once  a week *completely pig out till the point of near puking*

In addition to this I will be supplementing the diet with some other things
- kettlebell workouts and short periods of weight training
- a pill stack *shown in my youtube video*
- cold showers *foresee this being the  worst decision ever*
- chewing food really really slowly *avg about 20 chews*
- eating within 30 minutes of waking
- trane mma

In one month I would like to see if I can replicate the results in the book. I will try to weigh myself at the same time everyday, as well as taking circumference measurements of my biceps, waist, hips and thighs as another way to gauge my success. I think this should be somewhat of an easier diet to follow since I am allowed a cheat day where I can eat all those foods I missed during the week, though the no carbs and cold showers will severely put a damper on my spirits. Must stay away from all the free food at work and sleep eating. Its a terrible, yet delicious affliction. Well I will update this tmr with a more solid meal plan, depending on what I can make O_o.

Heres a picture of my last meal before the diet

- Chicken crunch burger
- pop corn chicken
- fries
- kit kat bar
- 5 x tacos
- Lg coke

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