First few days of new diet!

Ok! Its started and the first couple of days are in the books! So far its been pretty easy to follow. Just keeping with the same meals and what not. But first lets establish a starting point.

This is me


ok not bad right? Lets stop sucking it now…

Starting weight: 155.8 lbs
waist : 34 inches
hip: 38 inches
right leg: 22.5 inches
left leg: 22.5 inches
right bicep: 13 inches
left bicep:  12.5 inches
Now lets look at my meal plans
Day 1 meal plan:
Breakfast: I had some scrambled beds with salsa. I took 2 eggs and beat in some more egg whites and scrambled them up. Topped off with some salsa, salt and pepper. Wasn’t bad at all. Salsa was a little watery but definitely a breakfast I could eat everyday.
Lunch: Spinach salad from sunterra. Made my own salad, lots of spinach and some chicken for my protein. Little bit of broccoli and for dressing I used some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Lunch was okay, not my favorite way to eat a salad.
Dinner: Steak, lentils and more spinach. Did not have dressing at home so used a little but of lemon juice, salt and pepper. :/ was ok. Steak was awesome, but oh how do I miss my ketchup. It just sits there waiting to be squeezed. Never had lentils before so did not know what to do with them. Drained most of the water out of the can and heated it up with some siracha and garlic salt. Don’t think that made a difference in taste.
lentil steak

Day 2:

weigh in: 154.2 lbs!! 


Breakfast: Same as day 1. Just put some leftover lentils from dinner in there as well

Lunch: Spinach salad from sunterra once again. Little bit of cottage cheese, beans, and hard boiled egg added. Balsamic dressing really sucks….
Dinner: Some beef wrapped in some kinda leaf? Little bit of steak and MORE SPINACH!! Pickles, pickled veggies and some scrambled eggs as well. Pretty decent dinner :D
Day 3:
weigh in: 153.2 lbs
 what you did
Breakfast: Same as before but instead of scrambling the eggs I just made it into a pancake, oh and some pickles. Used garlic salt. Wasn’t bad.
salsa eggs 2
Lunch: I made some awful concoction of salmon lentils and pickles. Basically mashed them all together., O_o. DO NOT TRY THIS. It is not tasty, at all.
Dinner: More steak, spinach, and lentils. Its ok. but I need new fooddddddddddddd
Day 4:
weigh in: 152.1
Breakfast: Egg pancake. This time with shrimp.
egg shrimp
Lunch: Quick spinach salad and some salmon and tuna sashimi from the mall *bleech*
Dinner: THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED!! KOREAN BBQ!!!!!!!!!!! Beef spareribs, kim chi, pickled radishes. Just the change up  I needed. Couldn’t have any of the rice though (T_T) wanted it sooo sooo bad. Just one more day till my cheat day and I am gonna go buck wild.
korean bbq
Everythings going pretty well so far. I am remembering to take my pills, they do not make me feel sick or anything. I am hitting the gym again although my workouts have been shortened severely as recommend. It just feels weird working out in under 20 mins than the usual hour and half I usually take. I don’t feel wake, I do have cravings but occasionally do get hungry and want a snack. A small spoon of peanut butter works well. I also started going back to kickboxing, so hopefully I will be ready in a month and a half!!
Stay tuned for more updates as well as CHEAT DAY!!
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