I officially hate spinach!

Alright so I’ve had a few glasses of wine and I think its time for an update!

Hows everything going? Great! Breakfast is easy, dinner is easy, lunch….so not a good time. The way spinach leaves a gritty taste in my mouth, the balsamic vinegar dries out my mouth and adds to the grittiness. So not feeling the spinach.


Cold showers? Still pretty damn cold. Though is getting nicer to take them before bed as I tend to overheat in the night.

cat shower

Cheat day? Kind wasted. I stuffed myself so full for breakfast that I couldn’t have much more for lunch. And dinner was a salty disaster. Not satisfying at all.

Other than that I had a slip up here and there. Nothing too detrimental to the diet. How could I resist not having a hog dog on super bowl weekend, especially when they are free, cooking all day at work, the smell was intoxicating and I was a weak weak man. Plus the Patriots lost and I was out some money. I needed some fat carby consoling.


I inhaled that bad boy in all of 10 seconds. I LOVE me some condiments. Did I feel bad after? Absolutely not. Actually I felt my cravings met and reinvigorated my will to keep on with this diet. This beautiful, delicious, disgusting hotdog saved my diet.

Now lets get to the stats shall we?

Day 5 

Weigh in: 152.2 

Not much change from day 4. Oh well, not discouraged. We forge on!

Day 6:

Weigh in: 150.4

Morning of cheat day and I am down 5 pounds!! Lets change that

Breakfast: big waffle breakfast from rickies. x3 bacon, x3 sausage, stuffed hash browns, waffle, and scrambled eggs. Plus lg coffee from Timmys and 2 honey crulers.


Yeah, it was delicious. :D

Lunch: another honey cruller, some banana bread, and a green vibrance shake mixed with Gatorade. Cause you know, I’m not a total pig….


This stuff smells like seaweed sorta, and my stomach has never been the same since I got food poisoning a few months back, so just the smell makes me gag. Tried it with water, doesn’t mix too well and pretty gross. At least the Gatorade covers everything up.

Dinner: I have a video of me attempting to finish a Lg domino’s Brooklyn style pizza with extra sauce, cheese and sausages, but I don’t think I will be posting that. Suffice to say I only finished 3/4 of it before I had to stop due to how salty it was. I washed it down with a liter of cola.

Day 7:

weigh in : 152.6

Sooooooo  looks like a gained back some weight. Not to fret, I’m sure it will drop off in no time, right? Right? Anybody?

Day 8:

weigh in: 152.2

Week 2 measurements:

waist: 33
hips: 37
right leg: 22
left leg: 22
right bicep: 13
left bicep: 12.5

Thats 3 total inches lost!! In a week!! Or my measuring is inconsistent!

Day 9:

weigh in: 150.0

So sick of spinach. How sick? I enjoy broccoli now sick


Day 10:

weigh in: 151.2

So yeah, day before kinda cheated a little, had myself some coke and a cookie :s I have a problem.

day 11:

Weigh in: 149.6

Nice! Plan is to hit 147 by cheat day which is in 2 days!


No idea what these meat squares are, but they are sweat inducing spicy, and are a nice hunger snack. I think they are healthy?? ish?

So cheat day is coming up. Anyone have suggestions as to what I should gorge on?? I’m thinking hotdogs…..why are they so damn good??

And to wrap things up. Here is a video explaining why we don’t act like a jackass during a match!

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