Too much wine?

Maybe I had a little too much wine last night. Why you ask? Cause I got a bit tipsy and forgot to take my pills before bed and went on a food finding rage. Thank goodness there’s not a lot of food in the house because I would have destroyed some junk food last night had there been.

Anyways for this post I’m just gonna outline my workout routine. Its been about 2 weeks and I’ve lifted weights probably 4 times.

  • 10 wide grip pullups


  • shoulder press machine – 1 set of 7 slow reps (5 secs up, 5 down)

started at 80lbs and could only do 6 reps the first time.

  • pull downs – 1 set of 7 slow reps again

started at 85lbs

  • bench press machine – 1 set of 7 slow reps

started at 25lbs per side

  • Kettlebell swings – 1 set of 75 swing

These are the killer parts of the workout. Started with a 25lb kettlebell

  • Myotatic crunches – 2 sets of 15

Its a pretty quick workout all together around 20-30 mins. Not as sore as I used to be when I did my longer workouts. Its quite tempting to do more in the gym, but lets give this less is more approach.
I also added two rounds of this belly burner to my workout as well. Hurts so good

Give it a shot! Lemme know!

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