I think I broke it O_o

Lets kick things off with a nice inspirational video

This speech got me so very pumped up, but then I took a nap :(

Anyways, where were we?

Day 12:

Weigh in: 149

Lets take a look at the last two meals I had before cheat day.


Egg and tuna scramble. I did not realize how dry, tasteless, and all around not enjoyable tuna was now that I don’t have it smothered with mayo and other delicious sauces. Worst breakfast yet. I blame the tuna, or I am a horrible cook. Mixture of both perhaps?


Steam carrots, broccoli, and half an avocado. I have never actually eaten just avocado before, and I still don’t understand everyone’s love with its buttery texture. Sure it may go well with sushi or a spicy tuna salad, but by itself? Nothing special found.

Day 13: CHEAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

weigh in: 148.6

Well darn, not the 147 I was hoping for but it’ll have to do for now.

Breakfast: 3 x chocolate croissants, 2 x babybel, chips, coke. Oh and 6 perogies.

I had 4, but someone ate one before I could get to it :( selfish

I had 4, but someone ate one before I could get to it :( selfish

frying, oh how much better you make things

frying, oh how much better you make things



Lunch: 2 x ballpark hotdogs, more perogies. Would have ate more but I was rushed for time T_T

: Same as lunch, but for dessert a cake and 1L of  homogenized milk :D hotdog 3




So close to finishing it....I tried so hard

So close to finishing it….I tried so hard

Well, this cheat day seems to have went much better than the last one. Ate more, and was happier about it. How did I feel after it? FREAKING AWESOMEOh and I had some more chips and cheese later on that night.


Day 14:

weigh in: 155.6!?!?!

OMG! Seems like I binged too hard and broke the system.


Its gonna be a long hard week to get to where I need to be. Cheat day needs some more tweaking…..

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