Saturday Morning Sweat Session

So I decided to take some of the boys down to my gym today for a nice private conditioning class. Wayne, Alan, and Jarid all seemed to be in high spirits as they came in, smiling and wide eyed. Little did they know…..

How fun it would be!!


We did a nice little jog to warm up, followed by some push ups, some more jogging, wide stance push ups, squats, jogging, tuck jumps, diamond push ups, jogging, jumping squats, clapping push ups, and some sprints!

Then some more jogging and sprints, but this time as your partner held you back with a rope and pretended like you were a some sort of rickshaw. 07-TigersST0219

So I think everyone was kinda tired at this point already. At least I was, cause I’m lazy. But what better way to end the session then with two rounds of a circuit! Here’s how the first round went!

And so ends a successful Saturday morning sweat session :)


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