Bye Bye Belly, Heellooo Chiclets!

Well guys. It’s official. I’ve got my Chiclets (aka Abs) after only one week! Its been great. One week and I’ve already achieved my hopes, goals and dreams. Aww, don’t go being jealous. I’ll tell you my super-duper-pinky-swear-not-to-tell-another-living-soul, including your dead pet rock, secret. Sorry, but it is dead. Here’s my secret:

How to get Abs in one week.

Step 1: buy a pack of chiclets.

Step 2: have some tape nearby

Step 3: attach said chiclets.

Step 4: Check out your 6 pack!!! BOOYA!

But on a more realistic note, I’ve survived week one.
By zombie walking through it. I’m pretty sure I’ve planked myself to death this past week. 3 times a week I go swimming with women who have earned their grays and whites, switching it up between deep water workouts and Aquacize (yes i include my jazz hands). Favorite part of working out with them? When we all do the shimmy! This past week i got to Aquacize with Sherrey, which was awesome! I think of all the little froggies jumping around in the pool we definitely jumped the highest. We could totally be like…leap frog athletes at the Olympics. I think its considered a sport. Somewhere. Loriana and I also worked out, doing a deep water workout. Sadly not tethered. Lets just say traffic jams happened. Often. And we didn’t need to worry about washing our swimsuits later, since there was a washing machine in the pool anyways.

But to start stepping up to the Ab challenge, well I needed to start working on my core, which I discovered within a minute of my mission that it is sorely lacking. Like an apple without a centre. It was bad. My goal this past week was to make it further and further through this crazy plank-a-thon YouTube video I found (i’m still not sure if I want to thank Corey yet or not)… so far I haven’t made it to the end without dropping, but I’m hoping by the end of week two I’ll be able to survive till the end…almost. Check it out.

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