Week 1 is in the books!

So does everyone have abs like Danielle yet? I know i do…


Just kidding!

here’s your weekly update!


“This week was ok, I worked out three times but my eating was kinda bad, I’ve planned out my meals for all of next week so it should be a lot better.”  20130422_092345

“Without a set meal plan…I indulged more than I should have. Still hit the the gym though. Next week should be better with a set meal plan” DSC01150

“Week one was a breeze so far. Mentally focused, eating proper and hitting the gym regularly. This also marks Day 7 of no junk food and no cravings for it either. Just need to stay strong or else I’ll never be able to look like my idol…. Tony Doan.”




“I have been inspired by recipes from this FREE magazine from my favorite store WALMART!


Here is my lunch for today…   !cid_9A1988E3-8E08-4696-A99B-E96AFB77C84B



(Ummm that’s tuna on the top right)
And along with the gym, some sit ups and the deep water work out with everyone’s grandmothers and Danielle here is one of my exercises…




“I spent the week mostly eating bacon and eggs every morning and steak or falafel for lunch/dinner, although I cheated with some a&w one day and a Boston Pizza pizzaburger and cactus cut potatoes one night. I worked out a total of about 6-7 hours over the week, with a lot of incline crunches and leg lifts and planks to work on abs.”



20130422_082429SAMSUNG20130423_230525 !cid_ii_13e3290b1a06dea5



Seems like everyone is doing well so far. Nice to see a buzz going around the office and everyone is excited to exercise and try new things, as well as…………….


False alarm, just Mr. Welk as a late entry. Terrible


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  1. wonderful post, thank you.

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