Annnnnd they’re off!….sort of

The roommates Sebastian and Michael decided to send in their dinners tonight.


Sebastian had what i think are falafels?


Michael the ab monster went with a&w, pizza pops, booster juice and what appears to be fat free frozen yogurt.


Jason’s Dinner


Michael B.’s Breakfast


Abominable Abdominals!


What started out as a little joke between a few co-workers has turned into a full blown abdominal initiative for a good chunk of my department at work.  Word spread and people started voluntarily showing me their midsections, even when I didn’t ask. Some people looking to get abs for pool parties, for the beach, for those lost New Year’s resolutions, or just for the body transformation. So the competition is on! For the next six weeks we will challenge ourselves by working out more, improving our diet and chiseling out our midsections. At the end of the six weeks we will vote for winners in two categories, best improved and best abs overall. Winners get a split pot of money for all their turmoil over the past weeks. Also, every week for the next six weeks, progress pictures will be posted so we can follow each other’s progression, as well as to motivate each other. Now the next time you see your coworker with chips and pop in hand, slap it out of their hands and give them an apple and a bottle of water instead!


Now for everyone’s baseline pics!



Quick note to my coworkers, if you could send me pictures of you guys working out or the healthy foods your eating or anything you’re doing at all to make way to those rock hard abs. Lets share our little victories together! Like this one!