Sherrey tells the ups and …. more ups of her marathon

I have not been writing my results of our ongoing competition, as my mind has been solely focused on this weekend. My training and eating habits have been directed at completing the goal of the Bluenose marathon. I know it isn’t abs focused, but I thought that I would share my adventure.

I have gone without sleep, spent countless hours running, cross training, swimming and lifting weights to prepare for this day. I even traveled across the country to get here. I have run three previous marathons before, but this one felt different. I had trepidation about this one. I questioned all my training and my level of fitness. I knew that this race is known to bring runners down. I knew it was the hilliest marathon next to San Francisco and Boston. In all honesty, I was scared. As I walked to the start line I could feel that today was going to be an enormous challenge and I should focus on just finishing. But really, screw that! I was going to try as hard as I could and if I failed at a personal best I would go down with a fight.
I had a personal best time and I would run my heart out trying.
SAMSUNGMy elevation chart of the race
This race started off ok and I had a fire in my guts that told me to go
until I had no go left. There were good kms that I felt like a million bucks and
could conquer the world. There were the bad mental kms that I began to
question my sanity and felt alone in this long challenge. I knew no one
would actually know if I quit except me. Except me……I was doing not bad considering the 40+ hills in this journey. My nutrition
held, my music choices were solid, my Garmin died at 27km, but a total
stranger gave me his, and said that I could give it back to him at the
finish line! Who does that right?Then something that I had never experienced before happened that changed
the race. My legs physically gave out at 39km. I had completed most all the
hills, and there was absolutely no strength in them. I was left with
determination but no physical strength to follow through. It completely
crushed me. I was so mad and defeated. I felt my goal slipping out between
my fingers and self pity setting in.Then something again happened that I had never experienced. Another
stranger came up beside me and stopped and walked. His name was Alan, and I
will never forget him. He walked with me for the next 2.5 km talking to me
and raising my spirits back up and making me realize that I was completing
a freaking marathon and I should never feel like anything but a champ. He
was right. I was a fool. His words and comradery carried me to the last
push. We had both made the oath to run across the finish line and that this
race would not beat us. We turned the last corner and ran up that last 700m
hill. I came no where close to my personal best but I am still proud.
SAMSUNGAlan and I had a conversation about a scene from a movie that we agree was
pretty fitting to our situation. It got is through

I don’t think my abs changed, but I know I did.

Week 4 – The fallen

Week 4 may have been the weakest week to date but we still have some holding strong!


“So far so good meals have been pretty good this week, work outs coil be better. I think I need to start incorporating weights instead of all this cardio.”


“I still love McDonald’s..”


Week 4 – No changes
Though we are nearly the end of our 6-week challenge, I already understood that results I’m looking for are more likely obtainable with a 6-month challenge if not 6-years. Am I disappointed, no. I’m just glad this challenge has given me motivation in the gym and hoping to have at least a slight physique change by the end of this. Keep up all the hard work everyone.”
“Last week was when I started noticing how good I feel. This week is where I start feeling good about how I look. I’ve been tracking my measurements as well. It doesn’t seem like I’ve lost any weight, but my chest arms and legs have each gained at least an inch; and my waist has lost an inch. Here’s to tightening the belt one notch!”



Sebastian and Damien decided to join us on this wonderful day for the awesome 300 workout!


Mike finished but somehow strained his neck. Looks happy doesn’t he?

Team Asia crushed it once again. Much room for improvement though!

Video coming later!


Me and Mr. Welk will attempt the 300 workout on Sunday. This is so we can be sexy fit for the Spartan race this year! Anyone else want to join? Should be fun!!




Week 3 roundup – Half way there!

We are past the halfway mark! Hooray! Hopefully everyone’s still going strong. I don’t have much to say this week though, it must be this awesome weather we have been getting. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you just wanna be outside. I’m starting to feel the transformation of my body. Not losing weight per say, but bigger and more defined. Lets use this week of great weather to get more comfortable in our skin. Put on those short shorts, show that chest off, and let it all hang out. I know I have! *By hang out I meant my stomach…you’re terrible people.*


“This week was really good I’m starting to feel better and I’m noticing changes which
is really motivating. I’m really watching what I eat and think its really paying
“I feel my abs screaming to come out, and when they do I will ask them ‘what is best in life?’ and they will respond ‘To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.’”
“I don’t physically see any changes this week but mentally I feel much better. Alcohol consumption is significantly down from the week prior and still got my eating plan down on lock. Also, I’m proud that I did not over indulge myself at McD’s as I limited myself to one double cheese burger. It could also be the fact that I watched Tony down a McGangbang, fries and whatever left over in his swag bag…just saying.”
“So I apparently don’t like standing for a mug shot In front of a lens with a feeling of no progress, presenting my “it’s still a blob” photo. This week I decided to theme my photo after the 5km Spartan Race a few of us contestants will be doing this August. So here is my best “abs” photo with my best “this is Sparta!!!” Face. Aside from being pumped about the spartan race, I was also pumped this past week with Tony’s “death workout” as I put it in my schedule. I didn’t puke (yay!) and I didn’t pass out (double yay!!). And man did I get a leg workout. The morning after when I popped out of bed for my regular morning appointment with Mother Nature I almost planted my face into the ground. Flying monkey poo (G rated swearing) !!!My legs!!! And since then I have been hobbling, hissing and stumbling my way into cars, up stairs and down stairs like a handicapped pregnant woman. If shredded cheese could have emotions I’m sure it would feel something like the emotions my legs are having over that killer workout! Good job Vietnamese Kitten!”
“This is the first week that I’m feeling like I’m making progress. I have
more energy, I’m eating betting and my relationship is better with my wife
(we’re doing the diet together). At this point, I don’t even care if I win
(though I still plan to) because everything is going so well!”
“So… This week was my best week so far. I ate well and put more effort into my
Saturday’s workout with Maria and Danielle was great thanks to Tony’s awesome
guidance. I feel like I lost 10lbs lol. But then I hurt my knee and now I am unable
to do anything but sit-ups. So that’s what my week will look like moving forward
“Week 3 – Another week down. I’ve got a spark of motivation for physical activity which has been great. Just got into doing hot yoga again this week which has been nice. Even had my own little biathlon on Monday where I ran to the pool, swam and ran back home. Unfortunately I’ve lost my appetite which doesn’t help with energy levels. Trying to keep my protein intake up so at least my muscle doesn’t disappear too quickly. All in all though, excited I have had the energy to get into doing some activity. Great week for me.
P.S. I don’t agree with starvation to look good. It’s an awful way to look “healthy”.”
“Not much has changed, I haven’t been eating enough this week. Gotta up those
calories for the remainder of this challenge.”





This one is for the ladies ;)

So today I took Danielle, Loriana, and Maria down to the gym and put them through a conditioning class ran by yours truly, Tony aka Asian Tony aka Jet Li aka Tony tease aka the Vietnamese kitten. Not as brutal as I thought it would be though I did shorten it on the fly as I didn’t want to burn them out and we only had a certain amount of time. I have a tendency to go overboard and want to do everything. But we started with a nice jog to warm up added with squats, burpies, jumping squats, and sprints. Some planking and core work, couple of rounds of knees with the thai pads, some punching with the focus mitts, kicking pyramids, and ended with a little circuit. I had fun and it looked like they got a good sweat session out of it, which is always good!

20130504_140427 20130504_140436 20130504_14041920130504_143012

Whose next?!

Even though there’s not a lot of ladies in our ab challenge I still want to put up these two videos. I am not a big fan of crossfit but these videos are awesome. First one talks about getting fit not skinny, which is totally the message I want for this challenge. The second one is just a 17 year old girl being a total badass and crushing it in the gym doing things most men can’t and she’s not jacked nor does she look manly. So ladies don’t be afraid to lift!!