This one is for the ladies ;)

So today I took Danielle, Loriana, and Maria down to the gym and put them through a conditioning class ran by yours truly, Tony aka Asian Tony aka Jet Li aka Tony tease aka the Vietnamese kitten. Not as brutal as I thought it would be though I did shorten it on the fly as I didn’t want to burn them out and we only had a certain amount of time. I have a tendency to go overboard and want to do everything. But we started with a nice jog to warm up added with squats, burpies, jumping squats, and sprints. Some planking and core work, couple of rounds of knees with the thai pads, some punching with the focus mitts, kicking pyramids, and ended with a little circuit. I had fun and it looked like they got a good sweat session out of it, which is always good!

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Whose next?!

Even though there’s not a lot of ladies in our ab challenge I still want to put up these two videos. I am not a big fan of crossfit but these videos are awesome. First one talks about getting fit not skinny, which is totally the message I want for this challenge. The second one is just a 17 year old girl being a total badass and crushing it in the gym doing things most men can’t and she’s not jacked nor does she look manly. So ladies don’t be afraid to lift!!


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