Sherrey tells the ups and …. more ups of her marathon

I have not been writing my results of our ongoing competition, as my mind has been solely focused on this weekend. My training and eating habits have been directed at completing the goal of the Bluenose marathon. I know it isn’t abs focused, but I thought that I would share my adventure.

I have gone without sleep, spent countless hours running, cross training, swimming and lifting weights to prepare for this day. I even traveled across the country to get here. I have run three previous marathons before, but this one felt different. I had trepidation about this one. I questioned all my training and my level of fitness. I knew that this race is known to bring runners down. I knew it was the hilliest marathon next to San Francisco and Boston. In all honesty, I was scared. As I walked to the start line I could feel that today was going to be an enormous challenge and I should focus on just finishing. But really, screw that! I was going to try as hard as I could and if I failed at a personal best I would go down with a fight.
I had a personal best time and I would run my heart out trying.
SAMSUNGMy elevation chart of the race
This race started off ok and I had a fire in my guts that told me to go
until I had no go left. There were good kms that I felt like a million bucks and
could conquer the world. There were the bad mental kms that I began to
question my sanity and felt alone in this long challenge. I knew no one
would actually know if I quit except me. Except me……I was doing not bad considering the 40+ hills in this journey. My nutrition
held, my music choices were solid, my Garmin died at 27km, but a total
stranger gave me his, and said that I could give it back to him at the
finish line! Who does that right?Then something that I had never experienced before happened that changed
the race. My legs physically gave out at 39km. I had completed most all the
hills, and there was absolutely no strength in them. I was left with
determination but no physical strength to follow through. It completely
crushed me. I was so mad and defeated. I felt my goal slipping out between
my fingers and self pity setting in.Then something again happened that I had never experienced. Another
stranger came up beside me and stopped and walked. His name was Alan, and I
will never forget him. He walked with me for the next 2.5 km talking to me
and raising my spirits back up and making me realize that I was completing
a freaking marathon and I should never feel like anything but a champ. He
was right. I was a fool. His words and comradery carried me to the last
push. We had both made the oath to run across the finish line and that this
race would not beat us. We turned the last corner and ran up that last 700m
hill. I came no where close to my personal best but I am still proud.
SAMSUNGAlan and I had a conversation about a scene from a movie that we agree was
pretty fitting to our situation. It got is through

I don’t think my abs changed, but I know I did.

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