Week 2 wrap up!

So week 2 is in the rear view mirror and we are still going strong! Right?? For the most part from the conversations I’ve had with people it seems throughout the week we were all doing quite well with proper diets and exercise. The weekend is where some of us fell off the diet wagon and rolled into the junk food gutter. I know I did! What was the catalyst you ask? Alcohol!! Delicious, delicious, alcohol.


I thought I would be good and just drink vodka waters all night. Not the case. It was just a gateway into the dark liquors and shots. 3rlnq9

By the end of the night a bag of popcorn, a jumbo hotdog and filthy hamburger would have made it into my stomach. I think this may be the case for alot of us that partake in the liquid evil. Perhaps a prohibition is needed for the remaining four weeks?

yeah right

Self sabotage….sigh….

Now for updates!

“The week was good. I had a healthy lunch almost all of my work days and I feel my
appetite is shrinking, which is good because I seem to always want to fill it with

I’m going to try and fit in some more weight training days instead of all this
cardio I’ve been doing.”

“Don’t drink”

“To sum up week 2… I feel like I fell off the horse. I got all my workouts
in, but I didn’t have the same drive, also, my meal game was not up to par.
Anyways, I’ll write off this week and look forward to the next.”


“So this week I started including a diet as part of my exercise plan. Got it from Women’s Health. I know one could rip me apart for my sources, but check it out. It includes meals, shopping lists and recipes.

Also, for those that want a really good work out on the rowing machine, try the following:

5 min warmup

6 sets of 30 second at as fast as you can go and then 3:30 seconds active rest

5 min cooldown

I do the 30 second pieces at 1:30 min/500 meters if you want something to benchmark against.”

“Week 2. So first week for me, since I slid in a week behind. It was a good week, trying to catch up from all the alcohol in Maui.

Swam a bit, ran a bit. Sat in my chair and flexed for the ladies.  I’m awesome like that!”

“Gah…. No change!! I thought the chocolate bars would help.”

“Chilling out in Vegas, just thought I’d take a quick update picture at the Hoover
Dam (got some funny looks)
As far as the challenge goes, 24 hour buffets and margaritas every day doesn’t help
my cause. I guess that means I’ll have to work extra hard when I get back.”


I know week two was a bit of a struggle, the shine is gone, the excitement of a challenge has died down, the blandness of a proper diet sinks in, and  the reality that this isn’t going to be a cake walk becomes…well real. But now is the time to dig in deep and push forward remembering why we each joined this challenge. I found a picture of what one of my coaches always say to me:


If its important to you, you will drag your butt up out of bed early in the morning to go workout. You will eat that salad and enjoy it. You will put that pan of brownies up to your face and smell how delicious it is and then give it the finger! Why? Cause I want abs like that of a greek god!!

We can make excuse’s that there’s not enough time left, or that its too hard, or nothing’s changing. But there is still more than enough time left, and beyond! Of course it’s gonna be hard! Unless you get liposuction I guess. Things are changing! I know, because I have your pictures and I see the difference already. So lets keep it going!!

I have posted this video before but message is perfect!


It’s Still Winter Here

I’ve been busy this past week. Unfortunately not busy doing any planks. But I’ve still stayed active. Upped the water workouts to 4x last week. But, because i didn’t focus like The Rock on my core, well, i feel like i didn’t make much progress from last week (this must change). So i figured in my awkward photo op I’d get a candid shot of me and my favorite psycho home workout buddy, Sunday (short for Bloody/Black Sunday. She drew blood a lot as a kitten).


And since our ever indecisive weather can’t make up its mind, Josh and I took the opportunity to hit the slopes for a double day spring snowboard adventure. It was very windy. I rein-acted Titanic – Scene: “Jack I’m flying” many times over. it’s nice not to work hard, until you fall and then its a hard landing to take.

Image 2

I haven’t really talked about my diet much yet, so here’s a couple of breakfasts i really enjoy (and just so you know, i totally have an inner fat kid, and love food! especially chocolate :) my vice, i mean :( my vice)

Breakfast One
Omelet and Potatoes.
Now some people avoid fats. I, and my inner fat kid, love fats. Let me specify, Saturated Fats, not Trans. So screw just egg whites for starters, blech! I use 4 eggs in my omelet, cooked over a thin layer of bacon grease from the bacon chunks i just cooked, and i also saute my onions and spinach in a little bit of said bacon fat. Yes, there is American influence in my cooking. And just to make sure there’s some good kick, Jalapeno Cheese melted in! Then i steam/fry the potatoes in some more bacon grease (there is a cup that sits in ready mode for all cooking cravings), and then season with sea salt and pepper to taste. obviously you can avoid the bacon fat in this if you want. you can use butter (yum!) or coconut oil.

Breakfast Two
Image 1
The” Im not so sure that sounds good” breakfast.
i use the larger spoon, equivalent to a TBSP, in my cutlery drawer. 3 “TBSP” of Flax, 2 “TBSP” of Hemp Hearts, 3/4ish a scoop of none flavored whey protein powder (you can do a regular full scoop if the measuring cup isn’t gigantic) slice up a half of banana, and then cover with enough coconut milk till consistency is where you would like it. i don’t recommend to runny. otherwise blech. This may sound gross, but is delicious and surprisingly sweet, no sugar added. It makes a great breakfast cereal replacement.

So with this Saturdays “I think i might die” workout coming up around the corner, i really need to rev it into high gear. My inspiration and reason for working out this week?
Image 3

My Weekend


I ran my first Half Marathon of the year, I didn’t train as hard for this one as I have in the past, but I did finish which was my goal.

I’m starting to get more dedicated to the challenge and I have a triathlon on June 1st that I have to train for as well, and I’m going to use that as my motivation for the rest of this challenge.