First off I just want to say Team Asia is crushing it as usual! We almost have our 300 workout time to under the 20 minute mark. At this pace the Spartan race will be a cake walk!


In case you missed out what the 300 workout entails, here is the video once again.

Now onto the squat challenge! Overheard some ladies talking about this at work and thought “Pfft this will be TOO EASY, lets just start with phase 2!” So its quite simple, there’s a set number of body weight squats you do everyday by following the squat calendar. You don’t have to do them all at once or even in the same sitting. Just as long as you do them all by days end. Now lets get off our butts and get bootylicious!


This is phase one for those who want to start nice and easy


This is phase two for those who want to hit it hard!


I’m not going to show you how to do a squat because I wear short shorts and no one wants to see that. So here is a lady who looks better in them than I do. (My legs are way more jacked than her’s…just saying)


Also I will be using this post as my squat journal for the month.


Day 1: 100 squats? Too easy, I gonna do some more leg workouts.

Day 2: Ok, 200 squats…I left them all to the end of the day. This kinda sucks

Day 3: Good God this burns! I’m cramping, I’m cramping!!



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