40 Days and 40 Nights

The NEW experiment begins….


Well not exactly a new experiment perhaps, as my other single male brethren can attest to. Even though there are secret months dedicated to this endeavor, I’ve never been one to follow convention. As the kids say these days “I do what I want!” Why, you may ask, am i doing this? Have I gone crazy? Stupid? Well perhaps stupid….like a fox! In all seriousness this is an experiment in productivity.


Many hours and days have been spent appeasing that incessant, nattering, obsessive like drive for “videos” and “pictures” and anything else of that ilk. To try and cut ties and free myself of that primal instinct should theoretically lead to an increase in productivity which will in turn lead to a better quality of life. Pushing those thoughts and urges out of my head and redirecting that time and energy into bettering myself and achieving my goals is an exciting and interesting prospect. Not to say I did not have goals before this, but many times there were waylaid and put off to the side in favor of instant gratification. I’m sure most men can agree, more time is wasted with this than actually needed. It is a brief escape from reality where everything is just right. But we cannot escape from reality and it only delays the inevitable. So this is now my time to shine and go out and get what I want!


Maybe about two and half, three years ago, I did not have a dollar to my name. I was broke. My mother and grandparents to take care of and I had no means to do it. But I was still relatively happy because I was distracted, idiot that I was…or still am. But I changed gears, ever so slightly. Enough for me to start getting a cash flow and to save that first 100 dollars in my bank account. I was ecstatic with that. Pretty pathetic for a grown man right? But I kept grinding and saving and turned that into 1000 dollars. Investments have allowed me to have my loans paid off by next year. It has afforded me the opportunity to finally spoil the ones who loved and raised me. In the next month I will have reached my next goal of 10,000 dollars in my account, which have nothing to do with my investments. My goal in the next 40 days and nights is to not only switch gears, but to find a whole new one altogether. Bigger, better, faster and even more motivated. So for the next 40 days and nights I will strive to hit my financial, fitness and life goals with an intense focus!


Time to smash some Personal Records!

On a side note, I am a couple days into the 40 days already and have started doing Hot Yoga. It has really been keeping me at peace and given me laser like focus. I don’t even notice all the nice ladies in their yoga pants dripping with sweat.


Who am I kidding? Its absolute torture! But hot yoga is a new fitness challenge that I am determined to conquer and something I said I was going to do a very long time ago and now I am doing it! Productivity!

Is it wrong for me to clap in yoga?

Is it wrong for me to clap in yoga?

Now for my PR stats as they currently stand:

Bench Press: 225 lbs

Squat: 245 lbs

Deadlift: 270 lbs

Pull-up: strapped with 45 lbs

Weight: 162 lbs

I kinda let myself go after my week vacation in Vancouver….I’m still eating really bad. But it will change! I hope! Or this will have been all for nothing!