Those damn Russians…

Just when I thought I was getting somewhere with this calisthenics stuff these Russians come and raise the bar astronomically. Backwards muscle ups?? One arm weighted chin ups?? one arm walking chin ups?? My self esteem is destroyed and at an all time low. So its basically what a normal persons average self esteem would be…LOL!
So here they are:

I was never good at the acrobatic stuff like flips, gainers, and those martial arts tricks even though I so very much admired those who could. I mean it just looks so freaking cool! I remember watching this video as a teen and wishing I could do what these guys do. Freaking ninjas. But apparently I have no sense of direction the moment my feet leave the ground and after some failed attempts and my face meeting the floor I decided I would focus on regular martial arts stuff. Like hitting people in the face. I seemed a little more suited for that.

But then I found calisthenics, something that looked totally cool and required complete mastery of every inch of your body. How sweet it is. It now fills the void I have had in me since I have not been able to do martial arts. Its understanding your body in a new way and the only person I can injure is myself!

And now the obligatory video of Frank Medrano because he is the man when it comes to body weight exercises. I have yet to decide if his being vegan is cheating or not…

Anyways, time to get back to the bar and DO WORK!

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