Fat Tony vs. The 1000lbs

So before I got fat again I was on a frenzied quest to join the 1000 lb club. No, it’s not a sex thing, I swear. Well, it could be? There’s a lot of things on the interwebs. 95% of it is porn after all. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, the 1000 lb club.

I had overheard some guys talking about this so called club at the gym and kinda got the general gist of what it was. Hoping for more clarity I did what anyone would do, so rather than ask them to explain it to me I Googled it.

What the 1000 lbs refers to is the sum total of your 1 rep max for three different lifts. Those three being:

Bench Press






Your 1 rep max of course being the heaviest amount of weight you can lift exactly 1 time.

Up until this point most of my gym workouts were more for the body building endeavor. I just wanted big arms, big chest, and a six pack. I didn’t really care how much I could lift. Well other than my bench press which is basically the equivalent of a dick measuring contest for guys at the gym. No dead lifts because they were hard, I didn’t know how to do them properly, I was afraid to hurt my back…yadda yadda yadda. No squats because they suck and they’re not chest or arms.


This was me, except my biceps were really really REALLY lackluster. I was stuck curling a dinky ass weight for the last 4-5 years. I remember one time while I was working out a lady friend and were were doing bicep curls and I reached for the 22.5 lb dumbbells. She gave me the strangest look as she grabbed the 25 lb ones and started curling them. I saw this and thought “Fuck it, I’m twice as big as her. If she can curl it so can I!” I threw my 22.5 lb dumbbells on the ground and picked me up some 25′s and started curling. “Holy shit this is heavy!” was the first thought that rushed into my head. My second thought was not to let her see me struggle but it was damn heavy and I was crying on the inside. After my set I went back to the 22.5′s. Don’t lift with ego kids, that’s how you’re gonna mess yourself up.

Anyways, back to the club. It took me about a year training and experimenting with different programs before I got close to reaching this goal. I think I broke down my bench technique at least 3 times to get it to a place where I could load up heavier weights. It was a really good time and I enjoyed competing with myself and the other guys at the gym. We helped push each other to higher and higher personal records. Which was a great feeling that I had been missing for sometime.

So here is the first time that I attempted the 1000 lb club all in one day. My final total for that day 1005 lbs. Techniques could have been much cleaner and lots of room for improvement.

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