Hyphy Mud!!

So I was perusing YouTube as usual and came across this preworkout concoction that was too interesting not to try out. It’s called Hyphy Mud and here’s the creator KaliMuscle to explain to you exactly what it is!

Now, I don’t take a pre-workout before the gym, I usually have enough energy and focus to get by without it. Although, I have tried a months supply of MusclePharm’s Assault, which was quite interesting. Basically a pre-workout is a drink you take prior to working out which is mainly filled with stimulants that keeps you focused on lifting weights.

Pre-Workout Kicks In - Gym Meme

The first time that I drank MusclePharm’s Assault I got a tingly, prickly sensation all over my body. This was from the beta alanine which aides in preventing muscle exhaustion. By the time I got to the gym and started lifting I felt like King Kong and Godzilla all rolled up into one. I was this big unstoppable beast that has just snorted powdered Unicorns and was running on rainbows. I had only one thought in my head and that was to LIFT WEIGHTS!! Not only that but to do it with a vengeance, if that weight was going down it was coming up no matter what. It was tunnel vision and all I could see was weights I wanted to lift.



But with all stimulants the effects gradually became less and less every time I took it. That coupled with having a pre-workout drink, a workout drink, and a post workout drink was just too much for me and I just stopped taking it. I am more than satisfied with just having a post workout shake or smoothie. Mainly because I am SUPER lazy.

Now back to HYPHY MUD!!

It’s a little Pepsi and instant coffee mixed together. How easy and awesome is that? Remember I am lazy. So I mixed some up and slammed it before my workout. Taste? That first hit of the foamy mixture does make you snap your head back and go “God Damn, that’s got some kick!” The rest of it, not so good. Maybe I did not have the correct ratio of instant coffee to Pepsi? It was an overall bitter, foamy wreck. Basically it’s just caffeine on top of caffeine.

Did I feel more focused? Nope. Did I feel like King Kong? Nope. Did I wanna lift weights? Always! Did I feel anything at all? Yes. I felt a rumble in my stomach. It did not like Hyphy Mud, at all, and it took very little time to tell me. I did get an awesome glute workout out of it as I had my cheeks clenched tighter than ever to make sure I did not leave skid marks all over the gym. The MUD in Hyphy Mud did not stand for Makes U Dangerous, for me it stood for Makes U Diarrhea. So there you have it, if you want to lift weights with an urgency of finishing quick so you don’t liquefy your pants, then this is the drink for you!



Week 2 wrap up!

So week 2 is in the rear view mirror and we are still going strong! Right?? For the most part from the conversations I’ve had with people it seems throughout the week we were all doing quite well with proper diets and exercise. The weekend is where some of us fell off the diet wagon and rolled into the junk food gutter. I know I did! What was the catalyst you ask? Alcohol!! Delicious, delicious, alcohol.


I thought I would be good and just drink vodka waters all night. Not the case. It was just a gateway into the dark liquors and shots. 3rlnq9

By the end of the night a bag of popcorn, a jumbo hotdog and filthy hamburger would have made it into my stomach. I think this may be the case for alot of us that partake in the liquid evil. Perhaps a prohibition is needed for the remaining four weeks?

yeah right

Self sabotage….sigh….

Now for updates!

“The week was good. I had a healthy lunch almost all of my work days and I feel my
appetite is shrinking, which is good because I seem to always want to fill it with

I’m going to try and fit in some more weight training days instead of all this
cardio I’ve been doing.”

“Don’t drink”

“To sum up week 2… I feel like I fell off the horse. I got all my workouts
in, but I didn’t have the same drive, also, my meal game was not up to par.
Anyways, I’ll write off this week and look forward to the next.”


“So this week I started including a diet as part of my exercise plan. Got it from Women’s Health. I know one could rip me apart for my sources, but check it out. It includes meals, shopping lists and recipes.

Also, for those that want a really good work out on the rowing machine, try the following:

5 min warmup

6 sets of 30 second at as fast as you can go and then 3:30 seconds active rest

5 min cooldown

I do the 30 second pieces at 1:30 min/500 meters if you want something to benchmark against.”

“Week 2. So first week for me, since I slid in a week behind. It was a good week, trying to catch up from all the alcohol in Maui.

Swam a bit, ran a bit. Sat in my chair and flexed for the ladies.  I’m awesome like that!”

“Gah…. No change!! I thought the chocolate bars would help.”

“Chilling out in Vegas, just thought I’d take a quick update picture at the Hoover
Dam (got some funny looks)
As far as the challenge goes, 24 hour buffets and margaritas every day doesn’t help
my cause. I guess that means I’ll have to work extra hard when I get back.”


I know week two was a bit of a struggle, the shine is gone, the excitement of a challenge has died down, the blandness of a proper diet sinks in, and  the reality that this isn’t going to be a cake walk becomes…well real. But now is the time to dig in deep and push forward remembering why we each joined this challenge. I found a picture of what one of my coaches always say to me:


If its important to you, you will drag your butt up out of bed early in the morning to go workout. You will eat that salad and enjoy it. You will put that pan of brownies up to your face and smell how delicious it is and then give it the finger! Why? Cause I want abs like that of a greek god!!

We can make excuse’s that there’s not enough time left, or that its too hard, or nothing’s changing. But there is still more than enough time left, and beyond! Of course it’s gonna be hard! Unless you get liposuction I guess. Things are changing! I know, because I have your pictures and I see the difference already. So lets keep it going!!

I have posted this video before but message is perfect!