It’s Still Winter Here

I’ve been busy this past week. Unfortunately not busy doing any planks. But I’ve still stayed active. Upped the water workouts to 4x last week. But, because i didn’t focus like The Rock on my core, well, i feel like i didn’t make much progress from last week (this must change). So i figured in my awkward photo op I’d get a candid shot of me and my favorite psycho home workout buddy, Sunday (short for Bloody/Black Sunday. She drew blood a lot as a kitten).


And since our ever indecisive weather can’t make up its mind, Josh and I took the opportunity to hit the slopes for a double day spring snowboard adventure. It was very windy. I rein-acted Titanic – Scene: “Jack I’m flying” many times over. it’s nice not to work hard, until you fall and then its a hard landing to take.

Image 2

I haven’t really talked about my diet much yet, so here’s a couple of breakfasts i really enjoy (and just so you know, i totally have an inner fat kid, and love food! especially chocolate :) my vice, i mean :( my vice)

Breakfast One
Omelet and Potatoes.
Now some people avoid fats. I, and my inner fat kid, love fats. Let me specify, Saturated Fats, not Trans. So screw just egg whites for starters, blech! I use 4 eggs in my omelet, cooked over a thin layer of bacon grease from the bacon chunks i just cooked, and i also saute my onions and spinach in a little bit of said bacon fat. Yes, there is American influence in my cooking. And just to make sure there’s some good kick, Jalapeno Cheese melted in! Then i steam/fry the potatoes in some more bacon grease (there is a cup that sits in ready mode for all cooking cravings), and then season with sea salt and pepper to taste. obviously you can avoid the bacon fat in this if you want. you can use butter (yum!) or coconut oil.

Breakfast Two
Image 1
The” Im not so sure that sounds good” breakfast.
i use the larger spoon, equivalent to a TBSP, in my cutlery drawer. 3 “TBSP” of Flax, 2 “TBSP” of Hemp Hearts, 3/4ish a scoop of none flavored whey protein powder (you can do a regular full scoop if the measuring cup isn’t gigantic) slice up a half of banana, and then cover with enough coconut milk till consistency is where you would like it. i don’t recommend to runny. otherwise blech. This may sound gross, but is delicious and surprisingly sweet, no sugar added. It makes a great breakfast cereal replacement.

So with this Saturdays “I think i might die” workout coming up around the corner, i really need to rev it into high gear. My inspiration and reason for working out this week?
Image 3

My Weekend


I ran my first Half Marathon of the year, I didn’t train as hard for this one as I have in the past, but I did finish which was my goal.

I’m starting to get more dedicated to the challenge and I have a triathlon on June 1st that I have to train for as well, and I’m going to use that as my motivation for the rest of this challenge.

Throwback Thursdays


Dug this picture out from my webcam. This was me…. 13 years ago at the ripe old age of 17 (Yes, I’m 30 now :P) Back in our high school days, Damien and I would hit the gym 5 days a week.

I will not let this photo be the peak of my physical fitness, time to hit the Gym hard for the remainder of this challenge (and beyond)!

Week 1 is in the books!

So does everyone have abs like Danielle yet? I know i do…


Just kidding!

here’s your weekly update!


“This week was ok, I worked out three times but my eating was kinda bad, I’ve planned out my meals for all of next week so it should be a lot better.”  20130422_092345

“Without a set meal plan…I indulged more than I should have. Still hit the the gym though. Next week should be better with a set meal plan” DSC01150

“Week one was a breeze so far. Mentally focused, eating proper and hitting the gym regularly. This also marks Day 7 of no junk food and no cravings for it either. Just need to stay strong or else I’ll never be able to look like my idol…. Tony Doan.”




“I have been inspired by recipes from this FREE magazine from my favorite store WALMART!


Here is my lunch for today…   !cid_9A1988E3-8E08-4696-A99B-E96AFB77C84B



(Ummm that’s tuna on the top right)
And along with the gym, some sit ups and the deep water work out with everyone’s grandmothers and Danielle here is one of my exercises…




“I spent the week mostly eating bacon and eggs every morning and steak or falafel for lunch/dinner, although I cheated with some a&w one day and a Boston Pizza pizzaburger and cactus cut potatoes one night. I worked out a total of about 6-7 hours over the week, with a lot of incline crunches and leg lifts and planks to work on abs.”



20130422_082429SAMSUNG20130423_230525 !cid_ii_13e3290b1a06dea5



Seems like everyone is doing well so far. Nice to see a buzz going around the office and everyone is excited to exercise and try new things, as well as…………….


False alarm, just Mr. Welk as a late entry. Terrible