Annnnnd they’re off!….sort of

The roommates Sebastian and Michael decided to send in their dinners tonight.


Sebastian had what i think are falafels?


Michael the ab monster went with a&w, pizza pops, booster juice and what appears to be fat free frozen yogurt.


Jason’s Dinner


Michael B.’s Breakfast


Abominable Abdominals!


What started out as a little joke between a few co-workers has turned into a full blown abdominal initiative for a good chunk of my department at work.  Word spread and people started voluntarily showing me their midsections, even when I didn’t ask. Some people looking to get abs for pool parties, for the beach, for those lost New Year’s resolutions, or just for the body transformation. So the competition is on! For the next six weeks we will challenge ourselves by working out more, improving our diet and chiseling out our midsections. At the end of the six weeks we will vote for winners in two categories, best improved and best abs overall. Winners get a split pot of money for all their turmoil over the past weeks. Also, every week for the next six weeks, progress pictures will be posted so we can follow each other’s progression, as well as to motivate each other. Now the next time you see your coworker with chips and pop in hand, slap it out of their hands and give them an apple and a bottle of water instead!


Now for everyone’s baseline pics!



Quick note to my coworkers, if you could send me pictures of you guys working out or the healthy foods your eating or anything you’re doing at all to make way to those rock hard abs. Lets share our little victories together! Like this one!


I think I broke it O_o

Lets kick things off with a nice inspirational video

This speech got me so very pumped up, but then I took a nap :(

Anyways, where were we?

Day 12:

Weigh in: 149

Lets take a look at the last two meals I had before cheat day.


Egg and tuna scramble. I did not realize how dry, tasteless, and all around not enjoyable tuna was now that I don’t have it smothered with mayo and other delicious sauces. Worst breakfast yet. I blame the tuna, or I am a horrible cook. Mixture of both perhaps?


Steam carrots, broccoli, and half an avocado. I have never actually eaten just avocado before, and I still don’t understand everyone’s love with its buttery texture. Sure it may go well with sushi or a spicy tuna salad, but by itself? Nothing special found.

Day 13: CHEAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

weigh in: 148.6

Well darn, not the 147 I was hoping for but it’ll have to do for now.

Breakfast: 3 x chocolate croissants, 2 x babybel, chips, coke. Oh and 6 perogies.

I had 4, but someone ate one before I could get to it :( selfish

I had 4, but someone ate one before I could get to it :( selfish

frying, oh how much better you make things

frying, oh how much better you make things



Lunch: 2 x ballpark hotdogs, more perogies. Would have ate more but I was rushed for time T_T

: Same as lunch, but for dessert a cake and 1L of  homogenized milk :D hotdog 3




So close to finishing it....I tried so hard

So close to finishing it….I tried so hard

Well, this cheat day seems to have went much better than the last one. Ate more, and was happier about it. How did I feel after it? FREAKING AWESOMEOh and I had some more chips and cheese later on that night.


Day 14:

weigh in: 155.6!?!?!

OMG! Seems like I binged too hard and broke the system.


Its gonna be a long hard week to get to where I need to be. Cheat day needs some more tweaking…..


Too much wine?

Maybe I had a little too much wine last night. Why you ask? Cause I got a bit tipsy and forgot to take my pills before bed and went on a food finding rage. Thank goodness there’s not a lot of food in the house because I would have destroyed some junk food last night had there been.

Anyways for this post I’m just gonna outline my workout routine. Its been about 2 weeks and I’ve lifted weights probably 4 times.

  • 10 wide grip pullups


  • shoulder press machine – 1 set of 7 slow reps (5 secs up, 5 down)

started at 80lbs and could only do 6 reps the first time.

  • pull downs – 1 set of 7 slow reps again

started at 85lbs

  • bench press machine – 1 set of 7 slow reps

started at 25lbs per side

  • Kettlebell swings – 1 set of 75 swing

These are the killer parts of the workout. Started with a 25lb kettlebell

  • Myotatic crunches – 2 sets of 15

Its a pretty quick workout all together around 20-30 mins. Not as sore as I used to be when I did my longer workouts. Its quite tempting to do more in the gym, but lets give this less is more approach.
I also added two rounds of this belly burner to my workout as well. Hurts so good

Give it a shot! Lemme know!