This chick…wow…

So I had posted this video of this 17 year old girl doing exercises a lot of men couldn’t even do awhile ago. If you missed it, here it is again:

She was crazy impressive back then and now she’s back a year later! Check it out:

Just insane. Seeing her continued progress has motivated me to keep going as I am going. No days off. Never satisfied. Always chasing after that next challenge.

My only question is, why does she kip when she demonstrated she’s got sick pull up strength and can probably do muscle ups without kipping so much.


Hyphy Mud!!

So I was perusing YouTube as usual and came across this preworkout concoction that was too interesting not to try out. It’s called Hyphy Mud and here’s the creator KaliMuscle to explain to you exactly what it is!

Now, I don’t take a pre-workout before the gym, I usually have enough energy and focus to get by without it. Although, I have tried a months supply of MusclePharm’s Assault, which was quite interesting. Basically a pre-workout is a drink you take prior to working out which is mainly filled with stimulants that keeps you focused on lifting weights.

Pre-Workout Kicks In - Gym Meme

The first time that I drank MusclePharm’s Assault I got a tingly, prickly sensation all over my body. This was from the beta alanine which aides in preventing muscle exhaustion. By the time I got to the gym and started lifting I felt like King Kong and Godzilla all rolled up into one. I was this big unstoppable beast that has just snorted powdered Unicorns and was running on rainbows. I had only one thought in my head and that was to LIFT WEIGHTS!! Not only that but to do it with a vengeance, if that weight was going down it was coming up no matter what. It was tunnel vision and all I could see was weights I wanted to lift.



But with all stimulants the effects gradually became less and less every time I took it. That coupled with having a pre-workout drink, a workout drink, and a post workout drink was just too much for me and I just stopped taking it. I am more than satisfied with just having a post workout shake or smoothie. Mainly because I am SUPER lazy.

Now back to HYPHY MUD!!

It’s a little Pepsi and instant coffee mixed together. How easy and awesome is that? Remember I am lazy. So I mixed some up and slammed it before my workout. Taste? That first hit of the foamy mixture does make you snap your head back and go “God Damn, that’s got some kick!” The rest of it, not so good. Maybe I did not have the correct ratio of instant coffee to Pepsi? It was an overall bitter, foamy wreck. Basically it’s just caffeine on top of caffeine.

Did I feel more focused? Nope. Did I feel like King Kong? Nope. Did I wanna lift weights? Always! Did I feel anything at all? Yes. I felt a rumble in my stomach. It did not like Hyphy Mud, at all, and it took very little time to tell me. I did get an awesome glute workout out of it as I had my cheeks clenched tighter than ever to make sure I did not leave skid marks all over the gym. The MUD in Hyphy Mud did not stand for Makes U Dangerous, for me it stood for Makes U Diarrhea. So there you have it, if you want to lift weights with an urgency of finishing quick so you don’t liquefy your pants, then this is the drink for you!



Give It Up, Rev It Up, Pump It Up !


Kerry ….has lost a whopping 9.5 pounds since we started and 11.25 inches ! ! !

Patricia ..has lost a not so whopping but still losing  3 pounds and 2

inches…gotta catch up to KERRY ! !

Adrien .. has lost 6 pounds and 2 inches…he is looking pretty sexy…ooo la la.

Meghan  …. has lost 5 pounds and 2.5 inches and she is looking pretty fabulous ! !

Brian  …. has lost 4 pounds and has brought down his insulin levels ! ! Big thanks

to Tony D for helping with the gym


Maria  … has lost 2 pounds but no report of inches. She is looking pretty spiffy

in her stripes !


Rene has updated his status…. Lost 3 lbs

Haley has lost 7 pounds ! !


Alicia is starting over with enthusiasm ! !

Jax is starting over whether she likes it or not ! !

Lynelle is starting over with not as much enthusiasm as Alicia but still ready to

restart ! !





Good Day All,


I have had an outstanding (20+) response to my Lose a Few Pounds event, but have also received feedback that maybe we could add to the event, soooooooooooooooo

For those wanting to lose weight…………WE ARE GOING to   “GIVE IT UP” …… I will be your motivator to give away those extra pounds

For those wanting to Rev up their existing routine you can  “REV IT UP”  …… Sherrey – our RSD MARATHON RUNNER will be your motivator to Rev up your activity level

For those wanting to Build up those BICEPS you can               “PUMP IT UP” …  Motivator  TONY D….the AB Master

Your next steps to SUCCESS ! !


1)      Sunday night – 16 JUNE……Weigh yourself and Measure your Waist, Hips, Chest and both Thighs.  Keep this information in a safe place….email folder, etc


2)      You need to add your “GOAL” pounds  and inches to the spread sheet and save it on your Desk Top or in your U-Drive for easy access


Duration    Weight Loss   Total  Inches to Lose

3 weeks –   5 – 10 lbs                       3

6 weeks – 10 – 15 lbs                       6

9 weeks – 15 – 20 lbs                       9


3)      Each day you need to document everything that got past your lips ! ! Be honest with yourself ! !

4)      This spreadsheet will  be shared with me at the end of each week (Monday Mornings) and will not be posted on the site or shared past my eyes.

5)      A weekly picture in the same outfit as your first picture needs to be sent to each Monday so Tony can update it weekly

6)      The number of pounds and inches lost as well as your progression percentage ­will be posted on the site.



Exercise is important with any weight loss plan, but I would suggest not hitting the gym too quickly.

Take the first week to get yourself used to different eating habits and get your pantry or cupboards in order for the foods you need.

Once you have that in line and  your routine stabilized you can start to add some form of aerobic/cardio type exercise.  Brisk walks/runs, tread mill, swimming, etc.

Add a bit at a time so that you don’t feel stressed about it.


Have a great day and LET’s GO ! ! ! ! ! ! !





First off I just want to say Team Asia is crushing it as usual! We almost have our 300 workout time to under the 20 minute mark. At this pace the Spartan race will be a cake walk!


In case you missed out what the 300 workout entails, here is the video once again.

Now onto the squat challenge! Overheard some ladies talking about this at work and thought “Pfft this will be TOO EASY, lets just start with phase 2!” So its quite simple, there’s a set number of body weight squats you do everyday by following the squat calendar. You don’t have to do them all at once or even in the same sitting. Just as long as you do them all by days end. Now lets get off our butts and get bootylicious!


This is phase one for those who want to start nice and easy


This is phase two for those who want to hit it hard!


I’m not going to show you how to do a squat because I wear short shorts and no one wants to see that. So here is a lady who looks better in them than I do. (My legs are way more jacked than her’s…just saying)


Also I will be using this post as my squat journal for the month.


Day 1: 100 squats? Too easy, I gonna do some more leg workouts.

Day 2: Ok, 200 squats…I left them all to the end of the day. This kinda sucks

Day 3: Good God this burns! I’m cramping, I’m cramping!!





Sebastian and Damien decided to join us on this wonderful day for the awesome 300 workout!


Mike finished but somehow strained his neck. Looks happy doesn’t he?

Team Asia crushed it once again. Much room for improvement though!

Video coming later!


Me and Mr. Welk will attempt the 300 workout on Sunday. This is so we can be sexy fit for the Spartan race this year! Anyone else want to join? Should be fun!!