Too much wine?

Maybe I had a little too much wine last night. Why you ask? Cause I got a bit tipsy and forgot to take my pills before bed and went on a food finding rage. Thank goodness there’s not a lot of food in the house because I would have destroyed some junk food last night had there been.

Anyways for this post I’m just gonna outline my workout routine. Its been about 2 weeks and I’ve lifted weights probably 4 times.

  • 10 wide grip pullups


  • shoulder press machine – 1 set of 7 slow reps (5 secs up, 5 down)

started at 80lbs and could only do 6 reps the first time.

  • pull downs – 1 set of 7 slow reps again

started at 85lbs

  • bench press machine – 1 set of 7 slow reps

started at 25lbs per side

  • Kettlebell swings – 1 set of 75 swing

These are the killer parts of the workout. Started with a 25lb kettlebell

  • Myotatic crunches – 2 sets of 15

Its a pretty quick workout all together around 20-30 mins. Not as sore as I used to be when I did my longer workouts. Its quite tempting to do more in the gym, but lets give this less is more approach.
I also added two rounds of this belly burner to my workout as well. Hurts so good

Give it a shot! Lemme know!

I officially hate spinach!

Alright so I’ve had a few glasses of wine and I think its time for an update!

Hows everything going? Great! Breakfast is easy, dinner is easy, lunch….so not a good time. The way spinach leaves a gritty taste in my mouth, the balsamic vinegar dries out my mouth and adds to the grittiness. So not feeling the spinach.


Cold showers? Still pretty damn cold. Though is getting nicer to take them before bed as I tend to overheat in the night.

cat shower

Cheat day? Kind wasted. I stuffed myself so full for breakfast that I couldn’t have much more for lunch. And dinner was a salty disaster. Not satisfying at all.

Other than that I had a slip up here and there. Nothing too detrimental to the diet. How could I resist not having a hog dog on super bowl weekend, especially when they are free, cooking all day at work, the smell was intoxicating and I was a weak weak man. Plus the Patriots lost and I was out some money. I needed some fat carby consoling.


I inhaled that bad boy in all of 10 seconds. I LOVE me some condiments. Did I feel bad after? Absolutely not. Actually I felt my cravings met and reinvigorated my will to keep on with this diet. This beautiful, delicious, disgusting hotdog saved my diet.

Now lets get to the stats shall we?

Day 5 

Weigh in: 152.2 

Not much change from day 4. Oh well, not discouraged. We forge on!

Day 6:

Weigh in: 150.4

Morning of cheat day and I am down 5 pounds!! Lets change that

Breakfast: big waffle breakfast from rickies. x3 bacon, x3 sausage, stuffed hash browns, waffle, and scrambled eggs. Plus lg coffee from Timmys and 2 honey crulers.


Yeah, it was delicious. :D

Lunch: another honey cruller, some banana bread, and a green vibrance shake mixed with Gatorade. Cause you know, I’m not a total pig….


This stuff smells like seaweed sorta, and my stomach has never been the same since I got food poisoning a few months back, so just the smell makes me gag. Tried it with water, doesn’t mix too well and pretty gross. At least the Gatorade covers everything up.

Dinner: I have a video of me attempting to finish a Lg domino’s Brooklyn style pizza with extra sauce, cheese and sausages, but I don’t think I will be posting that. Suffice to say I only finished 3/4 of it before I had to stop due to how salty it was. I washed it down with a liter of cola.

Day 7:

weigh in : 152.6

Sooooooo  looks like a gained back some weight. Not to fret, I’m sure it will drop off in no time, right? Right? Anybody?

Day 8:

weigh in: 152.2

Week 2 measurements:

waist: 33
hips: 37
right leg: 22
left leg: 22
right bicep: 13
left bicep: 12.5

Thats 3 total inches lost!! In a week!! Or my measuring is inconsistent!

Day 9:

weigh in: 150.0

So sick of spinach. How sick? I enjoy broccoli now sick


Day 10:

weigh in: 151.2

So yeah, day before kinda cheated a little, had myself some coke and a cookie :s I have a problem.

day 11:

Weigh in: 149.6

Nice! Plan is to hit 147 by cheat day which is in 2 days!


No idea what these meat squares are, but they are sweat inducing spicy, and are a nice hunger snack. I think they are healthy?? ish?

So cheat day is coming up. Anyone have suggestions as to what I should gorge on?? I’m thinking hotdogs…..why are they so damn good??

And to wrap things up. Here is a video explaining why we don’t act like a jackass during a match!

First few days of new diet!

Ok! Its started and the first couple of days are in the books! So far its been pretty easy to follow. Just keeping with the same meals and what not. But first lets establish a starting point.

This is me


ok not bad right? Lets stop sucking it now…

Starting weight: 155.8 lbs
waist : 34 inches
hip: 38 inches
right leg: 22.5 inches
left leg: 22.5 inches
right bicep: 13 inches
left bicep:  12.5 inches
Now lets look at my meal plans
Day 1 meal plan:
Breakfast: I had some scrambled beds with salsa. I took 2 eggs and beat in some more egg whites and scrambled them up. Topped off with some salsa, salt and pepper. Wasn’t bad at all. Salsa was a little watery but definitely a breakfast I could eat everyday.
Lunch: Spinach salad from sunterra. Made my own salad, lots of spinach and some chicken for my protein. Little bit of broccoli and for dressing I used some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Lunch was okay, not my favorite way to eat a salad.
Dinner: Steak, lentils and more spinach. Did not have dressing at home so used a little but of lemon juice, salt and pepper. :/ was ok. Steak was awesome, but oh how do I miss my ketchup. It just sits there waiting to be squeezed. Never had lentils before so did not know what to do with them. Drained most of the water out of the can and heated it up with some siracha and garlic salt. Don’t think that made a difference in taste.
lentil steak

Day 2:

weigh in: 154.2 lbs!! 


Breakfast: Same as day 1. Just put some leftover lentils from dinner in there as well

Lunch: Spinach salad from sunterra once again. Little bit of cottage cheese, beans, and hard boiled egg added. Balsamic dressing really sucks….
Dinner: Some beef wrapped in some kinda leaf? Little bit of steak and MORE SPINACH!! Pickles, pickled veggies and some scrambled eggs as well. Pretty decent dinner :D
Day 3:
weigh in: 153.2 lbs
 what you did
Breakfast: Same as before but instead of scrambling the eggs I just made it into a pancake, oh and some pickles. Used garlic salt. Wasn’t bad.
salsa eggs 2
Lunch: I made some awful concoction of salmon lentils and pickles. Basically mashed them all together., O_o. DO NOT TRY THIS. It is not tasty, at all.
Dinner: More steak, spinach, and lentils. Its ok. but I need new fooddddddddddddd
Day 4:
weigh in: 152.1
Breakfast: Egg pancake. This time with shrimp.
egg shrimp
Lunch: Quick spinach salad and some salmon and tuna sashimi from the mall *bleech*
Dinner: THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED!! KOREAN BBQ!!!!!!!!!!! Beef spareribs, kim chi, pickled radishes. Just the change up  I needed. Couldn’t have any of the rice though (T_T) wanted it sooo sooo bad. Just one more day till my cheat day and I am gonna go buck wild.
korean bbq
Everythings going pretty well so far. I am remembering to take my pills, they do not make me feel sick or anything. I am hitting the gym again although my workouts have been shortened severely as recommend. It just feels weird working out in under 20 mins than the usual hour and half I usually take. I don’t feel wake, I do have cravings but occasionally do get hungry and want a snack. A small spoon of peanut butter works well. I also started going back to kickboxing, so hopefully I will be ready in a month and a half!!
Stay tuned for more updates as well as CHEAT DAY!!

New Diet Begins!

Alright guys, tomorrow is the big day! Gonna start the diet and its gonna be awesome! So why am I doing this diet? Well I’ve packed on some winter weight and have not been to the gym lately. Although I have not gained significant amounts of weight, my muscle mass sure has decreased. So for this diet my goal is to chisel out the six pack I have never had through good eating, rather than my old diet formula of not eating anything at all. The second reason for the diet is that I want to compete in the 2012 Tiger Balm Internationals which is martial arts tournament in March. I may not beat anyone, but at least my weight will be on point *hopefully*

Anyways, back to the diet, I will be *attempting* the slow carb diet outlined in the 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferris. Basically
- NO white carbs: so your breads, rice, and noodles are out. Which really sucks cause thats a big part of my diet.
- NO cheeses, milk, dairy stuff as well as fruits
- NO pop, juices, and  sugary drinks. So water, black coffee, and tea are fine
- Just eat the same meals everyday
- Have a cheat day once  a week *completely pig out till the point of near puking*

In addition to this I will be supplementing the diet with some other things
- kettlebell workouts and short periods of weight training
- a pill stack *shown in my youtube video*
- cold showers *foresee this being the  worst decision ever*
- chewing food really really slowly *avg about 20 chews*
- eating within 30 minutes of waking
- trane mma

In one month I would like to see if I can replicate the results in the book. I will try to weigh myself at the same time everyday, as well as taking circumference measurements of my biceps, waist, hips and thighs as another way to gauge my success. I think this should be somewhat of an easier diet to follow since I am allowed a cheat day where I can eat all those foods I missed during the week, though the no carbs and cold showers will severely put a damper on my spirits. Must stay away from all the free food at work and sleep eating. Its a terrible, yet delicious affliction. Well I will update this tmr with a more solid meal plan, depending on what I can make O_o.

Heres a picture of my last meal before the diet

- Chicken crunch burger
- pop corn chicken
- fries
- kit kat bar
- 5 x tacos
- Lg coke