1st blog!

Helllloooooo Internets :D

So this is my first blog ever and I’m pretty excited to get started. I’m doing this blog because I’m starting a diet and it seems like a good way to document as well as track my *hopefully* success. The diet that I will be doing is the Slow Carb Diet and I will be starting it January 30th, 2012. I will have more on the specifics of the diet later on. For now, leading up to that time I will be keeping a food diary and taking pictures of what I eat *and how bad I eat* and posting it. To give a general idea of my pre-diet nourishment. That being said, now that I’m taking pictures of what I eat, I’ll probably think twice before I shove it in my mouth hole *probably still eat it anyways*.
Well that’s it for now. Stay tuned for the food diary, more info on the diet, and the other things that I may be doing :)

meme sqaure meal